The Arduino IDE is nice to get beginners started, but you’ll quickly hit its limitations. And if, like me, you found an option in the preferences dialogue that enables an external editor, you’ll have been disappointed to find that it seems only to disable the internal editor!

It is possible to work entirely outside the IDE, with your own editor (like Emacs or Eclipse) and build your projects from the command line (or in another IDE). Here’s one way to do it… read more

Many X applications allow you to specify geometry, like this:

$ terminator --geometry=200x200+0+0

Which is great. But it doesn’t let you specify what desktop you want the application to open on. read more

The EU are currently voting on whether to sign-up to the ACTA treaty being proposed globally and pushed by the US. The treaty has been negotiated in secret and aims to give even more power to “intellectual property” holders. From patented seeds and medicines, to internet connections policed by your ISP, ACTA is a major threat to developing countries and freedom of expression on-line.

For more information about ACTA, and what you can do to oppose it, see this page.

I recently discovered the joys of Arduino! But setting up the development environment on Debian Testing (Wheezy) took me a while. Here is what I did… read more