An EOG plug-in to help manage raw files saved alongside jpegs. It adds Tools menu options to “keep” an accompanying raw file (which moves it to a subdirectory) and delete any remaining raw files.

Manage Raws is a plug-in for Eye of GNOME, the GNOME image viewer. It provides a simple that aims to help you manage the many “raw” files that DSLRs, typically, save alongside the jpegs. These are often large and it is often impractical to keep them all. Manage Raws allows you to select, for each image, whether you want to keep the associated raw file and then delete the rest (move them to the wastebasket, actually). Raw files that you want to keep are simply moved to a raw subdirectory, which is created (and removed) as necessary.

Manage Raws is written in Python and requires GTK 3 and GNOME 3.2.

Getting Manage Raws

Manage Raws is free/libre open-source software, available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.


You can download it here…

Download Manage Rawsversion 0.115K

changes | old versions


To install, copy the contents of the src directory to your Eye of GNOME plugins directory.

See the INSTALL file for more information.


Raw file status

When viewing your jpeg images in EOG, you can see, at a glance, the status of any raw file that accompanies the jpeg. In the status bar, you see one of the following:

raw: unkeptthe accompanying raw file is not kept and is a candidate for deletion
raw: keptthe accompanying raw file is kept in the `raw` subdirectory and will not be deleted
raw: –there is no accompanying raw file

Keeping raw files

To keep a raw file, select the “Keep Raw File” option from the Tools menu (or press K).

If you you no longer want to keep a raw file that you previously kept, select “Unkeep Raw File” from the Tools menu (or press U).

Keeping a raw file creates a raw subdirectory (if it doesn’t exist) and moves the raw file that accompanies the jpeg that you’re viewing in to it. The raw files you want to keep are kept out of the way. Unkeeping raw files moves them back to the parent directory (and removes the raw subdirectory if it is empty).

Deleting the rest

From the Tools menu, select the “Delete Unkept Raw Files” option.

This moves any remaining raw files that have not opted to keep to the trash.


You can always drop me an email. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.


Please report bugs at the project’s development site:


You can obtain the latest development code from the bazaar repository at:

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